Holiday Photo Ornament - 2 Pack


Adorned with lights, ribbon, baubles and beads, the holiday tree tells a story. It’s the centerpiece of family traditions filled with ornaments and precious memories collected over the years. This holiday season, you can add even more joy to your tree with a one-of-a-kind Holiday Photo Ornament. Holiday Photo Ornaments transform your favorite pictures into unique decorations. While cards can get bent or lost, Holiday Photo Ornaments are made of sturdy, clear acrylic that will last for years to come. You’ve gathered your family together, dressed them up for the holidays and captured that perfect moment on camera. Why not turn it into a lasting memory? Order holiday ornaments for yourself, or gift them to your loved ones. When you order, you’ll receive:

  • Your photo as a 1/8" clear acrylic holiday ornament – 2 identical copies.
  • Each ornament is up to a maximum size of 5” x 5” depending on its orientation and proportion.
  • A seasonal banner design – choose from 12 different options.

Ordering a Holiday Photo Ornament is quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Choose and upload your best quality photos directly from your phone or computer.

STEP 2: Select from one of the 12 seasonal banner designs.

STEP 3: Type your main message (EXAMPLE: “Season's Greetings”) and sub-message (EXAMPLE: “The Parker Family 2020”).

STEP 4: Choose your font and color, review your design, then submit the photo and your instructions.

STEP 5: You’ll receive your custom made Holiday Photo Ornaments in just 5 to 7 business days!

Proudly display your Holiday Photo Ornaments on your holiday tree. You can also wrap them to give to someone else!

Our Holiday Photo Ornaments are proudly made in America. Free standard shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!





All of our products are proudly made in our print shop in Atlanta, GA. We do everything in-house, from design to production.






Once you upload your memories, we cut and alter them based on each photo. You can always leave notes with your cut-out preference.





Our simplified process is guaranteed to check all of the boxes for you. Unsatisfied? Email us, and we will work with you to make your memories come to life as you've imagined.

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